Nation's Largest Single Day Food Drive a Huge Success

On a Monday the nation's largest single-day food drive, "Stamp Out Hunger", was celebrated. In the projected around 1 billion pounds of food was gathered. The program was started in the year 1993.

It was noted that it was a food drive that involved mail carriers that were delivering. It was seen that every year around 49 million Americans were affected with Hunger. Looking at this National Association of Letter Carriers, the US Postal Service, and Campbell's Soup joined hands to carry out "Stamp Out Hunger".

On Monday morning, it was seen that trucks full of food were emptied at the Houston Food Bank. According to the people, "Stamp Out Hunger" was an easy way for the people to donate food. The fresh items were left by the Residents in their mailbox, and the items were picked up by the local mailman.

"The Houston Food Bank is feeding more people than ever over the past few years. With the economy down, we have had to feed an increasing number of individuals. Over 137,000 people are fed every week through our 40 agencies", said Betsy Ballard, of the Houston Food Bank.

It was announced by the Food Bank that they were likely to run low during summer.