Recall of Romaine Lettuce

It has been noted that romaine lettuce has been recalled that had made students sick with E. coli poisoning. The government has been trying to find out where the contamination started from.

It was told by the Food and Drug Administration on Monday that the recall was done by the food distributor in Moore, Okla. It was informed that romaine lettuce came from the same farm in Yuma, Ariz. Because of the lettuce students in Michigan, Ohio and New York got sick.

It was publicized by Ohio-based Freshway Foods that a 23 state recall of romaine lettuce last week was associated with those outbreaks.

Around 19 people were affected by E. coli outbreaks and the disease has not yet been diagnosed. It was informed by the federal Centers for Disease Control that they were trying to see into 10 feasible cases of E. coli poisoning that were related to contaminated lettuce.

It was told by the FDA that they were investigating the Yuma farm and were trying to settle on the point in the supply chain where the contamination happened. It was refused by the agency to take the name of the farm that grew it.

In around 3 states students at colleges and universities were sick because of lettuce. Students in middle and high school in New York were also sick, which included a 15 year old and a 17 year old. They suffered from hemolytic uremic syndrome which resulted in bleeding of the brain or kidneys.

It was informed by the local health authorities in Dutchess County that the students who fell sick were expected to make a full recovery.