Injured Woman Being Evaluated for Transplants

A Connecticut woman who was mauled in an attack by a chimpanzee is being considered for a face and hand transplant by the doctors. She was earlier told by doctors that she is not suitable for the complicated and dangerous surgeries.

Charla Nash, 56 lost her eyes, nose, lips and fingers after being attacked by a chimpanzee which was owned by her friend and employer. Nash was discharged from Cleveland Clinic last week and a team of doctors in Boston are evaluating her.

The doctors attending on her are optimistic that they will be able to perform these transplants on Nash though they admitted that it would be a very tedious process.

It may be recalled that Nash was injured in February 2009 while she was helping her employer, Sandra Herold to lure the chimpanzee back into the home. The animal attacked Nash and mauled her hands, nose, lips and eyelids in the process.

Mike Nash, twin brother of Charla Nash was at his sister's side when the evaluation process was started. Doctors are determining if the patient has any physical, mental or social circumstances that will prevent the transplants from being successful.

Apart from that, Nash family is also suing Sandra Herold, the chimpanzee's owner and the state for $150 million. They argue that the animal had a history of being aggressive. In 2003 also the animal had escaped and was caught after a long chase by the police. Though no one was injured during that incident.