Climate Scientist Warns PNG Government to Get Ready for Severe Drought in 2012

A top weather change scientist says that it’s imperative that Papua New Guinea’s Government employs vital steps to get ready for a severe drought that is projected to affect the nation around 2012.

Scientists at PNG’s National Agriculture Research Institute has cautioned that the country can look forward to a huge-drought in 2012 that could stick around for up to 18 months, causing chief health risks and food scarcity around the country.

The Institute’s Principal Scientist, Dr. John Bailey, says that having sustainable water supply and adjustable crop production methods is imperative.

He said that they do have to execute something and comparatively immediately since it will take time to do all this. It will not just happen in a night’s time or even in few months.

He remarked, “It’s going to take a year or a few years to get all this sorted out. We will hopefully see an initiative taken in the next two or three months to start off a taskforce of different organizations brought together to sort of address this particular issue”.

Meanwhile, the Government has decided to grant the PNG Institute 900-thousand US dollars per annum for the next five years to expand the village water supply system.