Government Plans to Pay for the Public and Private Health System

It was seen recently declared by the Government that it would pay for the public and private health system which would start a mini screening program as an introduction to a national scheme which would be launching in 2015. It was noted that because of the bowel cancer every year more than 1200 people had been killed.

From the reports it was seen that five people in Miss Richardson family who is 44 years old and an Auckland journalist had died from this disease. They included 3 grandparents, an uncle on her mother's side and an aunt on her father's side.

It was also noted that a few years back even her brother was detected with bowel cancer at 37. He was asked to have a surgery and chemotherapy. He is fine now is being given regular follow up checks in the public health system.

Miss Richardson also got two colonoscopies because of the cancer history in her family. Colonoscopy was an internal examination for cancer and its precursor lesions. She got the last one done three years back.

It was informed by her that each procedure cost her around $1500, with her health insurer. She also paid an extra fee of $500 herself whereas now she wants to get checked in the public system.

It was noted that Miss Richardson was put on a four month waiting list for genetic counseling and it has been assumed by her that it would lead to colonoscopy. She hopes to get an appointment as soon as possible.

"In the interests of saving public money in future, I'd have thought early detection for a person in my position would be a priority", said Miss Richardson.