Failed Reconstructive Breast Surgery Fetches Cancer Survivor $55000

According to the Daily Mail, a British breast cancer survivor who underwent a failed breast reconstructive operation has been compensated 37,000 pounds, about $55,000, in an out-of-court arrangement.

An independent statement had dubbed her surgical treatment "woefully inadequate" and "a cosmetic disaster".

Now Yvonne Laidlaw, 57, a mother of one, will undertake a curative process by a top expert in breast reconstruction.

In 2003, Laidlaw found a malevolent lump in her right breast. When her doctor told her that he could execute a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery simultaneously, she approved. But according to the Daily Mail, the surgery left her in pain and with one breast that was smaller and higher.

The ex-travel firm accounts clerk reported how her happiness at defeating cancer was momentary when she saw the outcomes of the reconstruction, and warned other breast cancer sufferers to ensure that they were treated by a surgeon who was an expert in breast reconstructive surgery.

She told the Daily Mail, "Please don't end up like me. I'm appalled at the disgusting state I've been left in. It's really ugly – it's made me very self-conscious and I'm embarrassed to be seen naked".

A Spokesperson for the Royal Bolton Hospital, where Laidlaw had her previous surgery, said that Laidlaw's treatment had been of "entirely appropriate" standard, but that it acknowledged that she had been disappointed with the "cosmetic" outcome.