Macmillan Receives Loads of Thanks for its Contribution towards Cancer Cause

A woman who established a group that was going to help cancer survivors through breast reconstruction after her own fight with this disease has put forward a chain of praises for the fundraisers responsible for the Starlight Walk.

The 13-mile hike in the region of Norwich ring road will draw hundreds of walkers on Friday, June 18 and raise thousands of pounds for Macmillan Cancer Support, which will be spent in Norfolk.

In the preceding year, Macmillan provided less than £4,000 allowance to self-help and support groups in the province, which was raised through affairs for instance the Starlight Walk.

Co-founded by Beverley Birritteri and supported by funding from Macmillan, Keeping Abreast helps women via reconstruction surgery.

It was provided with a preliminary £300 funding when it was founded in September 2007 to print brochures, and this assisted the squad to draw the attention of 30 women to their first summit.

At present, they have no less than 300 members and have received over £5,000 of help from Macmillan, for all, from training to transportation.

Beverley had been diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2006 and had undergone reconstruction surgery in the month of July. She said that it was time that came as a spin to her and you have no time to think but get help as soon as possible.