Order of Canada receiver passes away

63 year old Gary McPherson was a survivor of polio and got the Order of Canada for disabled people. Gary died recently after his long toil for the disabled.

After the news of his death many Albertans across the country were mourning. Ed Stelmach called GARY an "amazing Albertan" with unique courage.

"He inspired all of us with this dedication and leadership as a tireless advocate for those who face daily challenges in this life," Said the Premier.

In 2006 McPherson and Stelmach competed together for Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives. "I was proud to call Gary a dear friend and on behalf of all Albertans, I offer our most heartfelt sympathy to this family. Their loss is Alberta's loss as well," Stelmach continued.

McPherson had quadriplegia after he got polio as a child. He lived in the hospital for 34 years before going home in 1989 and lived by himself for 20 years.

At the time he told CTV News "I don't think I would change anything in my life, knowing what I know today."

"He was one of the pioneers who really said ‘no disabled people have a right to be included," Calgary MLA Kent Hehr said from his wheelchair.

McPherson's had belief in the capabilities of the disabled and his aid Tracy Kung, was blind."He was like well ‘I'll help you out and be your eyes and you can kind of help out and he hands and arms," said Kung.

McPherson’s family said he died after losing a battle with cancer.