3 mental health patients die of food poisoning

Patients at the Pineville’s Central State Hospital fell sick after eating chicken salad. A spice in the salad caused 40 patients to fall sick and 3 dying of the food poisoning. Officials of the Louisiana hospital found the patients suffering from symptoms of food poisoning after which 3 persons, 52 year old man, 43 year old woman and another 41 year old man died of food poisoning.

Lisa Faust, of the Department of Health and Hospitals said the patients were served chicken salad the night of the incident. “Something bad could have been in the chicken, lettuce or mayonnaise.” She said.

The hospital at Pineville is the only region affected by the food poisoning. 40 patients at the behavioral health institute exposed signs of gastrointestinal stress reports said. Alan Levine, Secretary of Department of Health and Hospitals said the autopsy for the three dead patients was scheduled for Monday and the results would be available within the week.

Two patients were admitted to the Huey P. Long Medical Center, Pineville. All patients and four staff suffered from food poisoning symptoms.