Boeing finds new flaws in 787 Dreamliner

The Boeing Company has encountered new technical problems in the production of its 787 Dreamliner plane, raising fresh concerns regarding the future of the fuel-efficient aircraft.

The company found a structural flaw where the plane's wings meet the body. Another flaw was discovered in the 787 Dreamliner's composite fuselage.

Although Boeing knew about the problem at fuselage plant as earlier as on June 23, when the company ordered Alenia Aeronautica, Italian subcontractor to stop the work, yet the company officials never made it public.

Speaking on the topic, Boeing Co. said, "This has in no way affected the Dreamliner's first flight or the plane's production time or costs."

It may be noted here that Boeing's Dreamliner has already been delayed for five times due to different flaws.

In the recent composite trading, shares of the company closed at $44.87, down 3.8 percent.