Non Narcotic Pain Killer Funded

It was seen lately that a non-narcotin pain killer and an alternative epilepsy drug would be funded under the Commonwealth Government’s pharmaceutical benefits scheme.

According to Health Minister, Nicola Roxon, around 200,000 Australians experienced epilepsy, which was a neurological condition concerning recurring, unprovoked seizures.

However, most of the anti-epileptic drugs that were used for epilepsy patients were not effective or had many bad side-effects.

“Lacosamide tablets (Vimpat), provide an additional option in the management of epilepsy when the condition is not adequately controlled by other medications. Subsidized access to lacosamide tablets will be initiated by a neurologist for patients who have not responded to other therapies, as an authority-required benefit”, said Ms. Roxon.

It was estimated that the cost funding lacosamide through the PBS cost around $16 million for the next five years.

It was informed that another drug Methoxyflurane, also known as Penthrox, would also be accessible under the PBS.

The non narcotic pain relief was used by the community doctors for emergency treatment and provided an alternative rapid-onset.

This medicine was also used for instant pain relief after injuries in sporting, minor fractures and other trauma

It was told by Ms. Roxon that the drug would be available through the PBS doctor’s bag item list.