Film4 gats a raise on its current budget

Film4, a Channel Four film production, will be working with a bigger budget this year, after enduring a cut on budgets in previous years because of the global financial crisis.

A twenty percent hike has been granted which nears a £10 million; this will take care of the overall development and take care of the financing of new ventures, reports the company officials.

Channel Four that has been known for its up front and straight forward approach in TV broadcasting, this time repeating the same saga with Film4, it extends its controversial remit.

It will also produce short movies and documentaries that promise to push the limitations and will even stretch its boundaries till zenith.

Tessa Ross, the head of drama and controller of Film4 states that committing an extra £2 million a year will help enable filmmakers to come out with quality short and feature length films, that continues to sustain hope for the future.