Wellington Phoenix Player, An Asthma Sufferer

Jon McKain, Wellington Phoenix FC’s star defender speaking out about his struggle with asthma when younger, urges Wellingtonians to rally behind Asthma Foundation’s Balloon Day street appeal in Wellington, tomorrow.

His asthma as a child caused a great deal of anxiety for him and his family. Indulging in any physical activity meant worrying about it bringing on an asthma attack, which prevents many children from getting out there and being active.

McKain says he was fortunate that his parents worked hard to control his asthma, without stopping him from achieving what he wanted to.

A former Socceroo, Jon, who earlier signed up for another two years at the ‘Nix’, including playing a key role in Phoenix FC’s unprecedented success in the Hyundai A League finals last season, maintains asthma is a big issue and would like the people of Wellington to join hands with and do something about it.

Around 1 in 4 children in New Zealand suffer from asthma, which means a lot of young lives are limited by this condition, including a lot worried parents. And what is of such great concern is that it is without even considering the 1 in
6 adults who also have asthma.

According to McKain, asthma is not only dangerous and painful, it is also frightening and Wellingtonians should get together to find a way of getting rid of asthma.

Further, Wellington Central MP Grant Robertson has also come out in strong support for tomorrow’s Balloon Day street appeal, as the Asthma Foundation estimates around 23 000 children in the Wellington area have asthma. And, the Foundation needs funds for more research in finding a cure and continuing its vital work at the grass root level in the community, advising people on how to control their asthma.

Mr. Robertson will be collecting for the Asthma Foundation tomorrow from 8:00 a. m. to 9:00 a. m. outside Bowen House, Lambton Quay.