Intel unveils power-efficient Atom-based processors

California-based Intel has come up with new Atom-based processors, in a move that will offer it a foothold in the smartphone market.

The new Atom platform, which has been codenamed Moorestown, is claimed to be more power-efficient. The company divided the processing elements of the chips into nineteen power islands. Areas of the platform not in use are turned off that makes it power-efficient.

A smartphone manufactured on the Atom chips would receive 10 days of standby power. It could run 48 hours of audio playback, six hours of 3G calls and five hours of 720p video.

Speaking on the topic, Intel's head of handhelds Pankaj Kedia said, “We've reduced the power so we are competitive in the smartphone space.”

Intel’s roll out of Atom-based processors is expected to help the company to strengthen its position against QUALCOMM Snapdragon line and a number of chips designed ARM Holdings.