Google working on Android TV software as Android OS gaining popularity

California-based Google has reportedly been working on Android-based television software that it could unveil later this month.

As per a report published in the Wall Street Journal, the new software will be introduced to developers at Google I/O conference in San Francisco, which is going to take place on May 19 and 20. Around three thousand developers are expected to attend Google's this year’s annual conference.

Google usually unveils its new software and hardware products at the annual conference.

The technology, which is designed to open televisions, set-top boxes and other devices to more content from internet, is alluring several electronics giants including Sony Corp and Logitech International.

Meanwhile, figures unveiled by retail watcher GFK claimed that one in five UK smartphones are based on Android operating system, which shows that Android operating system’s popularity is on the rise. The number of Android phones sold in the country quadrupled last month.

Google Nexus One smartphone, which is newly released via Vodafone, was reportedly running out of stock due to strong demand for the product. The HTC Desire, the HTC Legend, the HTC Hero and Xperia X10 are some of the other Android devices which saw high demand following their release in the past few months.

As per GFK, Android-based devices accounted for 3 per cent of all mobile phone contracts in the last week of March, but 12.3 per cent only three weeks later in the week that ended April 18. Smartphones’ market share, during these weeks jumped from 1.6 per cent to 6.7 per cent.

In the smartphone market, Nokia shipped more than 21 million smartphones during the first three months of 2010, maintaining its position as a market leader.