Carol Bartz working hard to enhance Yahoo’s image

Yahoo chief executive Carol Bartz, who took the reigns of the internet firm from the firm’s co-founder Jerry Yang a year ago, has been working hard to make Yahoo seize the 21st century.

With a view to overhaul firm’s image, she put aside $100 million last year for a worldwide marketing campaign dubbed ‘It's You!’. She decided to personalize Yahoo's recently refurbished homepage and products to expand its user-base.

Bartz’s efforts showed results. Yahoo reported a year-on-year increase of 1 per cent in revenue to $1.59 billion.

Recently, Yahoo has bagged exclusive rights to publish online highlights of the English Premier League Football until the end of 2013, in a move that will help it build up it exclusive British video content.

Meanwhile, Bartz said in an interview that Google could face trouble if it does not diversify its business. She said that Google would have to do a lot more than just online search. She added that search accounted for only about 50 per cent of Yahoo’s business, but for Google, it accounted for 99.9 per cent of business.

It may be noted here that Yahoo has only 17 per cent share in the US search market as compared with Google’s share of 65 per cent.

Yang and David Filo, two electrical engineering graduates from Stanford University, had founded the firm in January 1994 and named the creation "Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web". But shortly, the project was renamed as Yahoo.