Smart Phones Continue Sales Growth

Smart phone sales continue to remain healthy and have jumped by 50% in the first quarter compared to last year to about 54 million units. The emerging markets like China and India continue to enjoy huge demand, as per reports.

Smart phones have operating systems and also offer download of multiple applications. They comprised around 20% of all the handset sales. This is helping the global handset industry come out of recession after a weak performance last year.

The increasing competition among handset vendors, high operator subsidies and emerging operating systems led by Android are fuelling the growth of smart phones.

Nokia continues to dominate the global handset market and it shipped 21.5 million smart phones in the latest quarter. The company enjoyed strong sales in emerging markets and South America but did not too well in the North American market.

BlackBerry remained at the second place in the smart phone market. It shipped 10.6 million handsets during the latest quarter.

Apple continued to improve its performance as demand for its iconic iPhone continues to grow. It almost managed to double its sales as compared to last year.

Smart phones continue to be a niche market in the overall global market place. Apart from Nokia, Samsung and LG Electronics also posted good numbers. The overall market for smart phones increased by around 21% as compared to last year.