APB release dates, price announced

The UK-based independent game developer Realtime Worlds has announced the launch dates for action-game MMO All Points Bulletin.

Much-anticipated All Points Bulletin (APB) will hit North America on June 29, while gamers in mainland Europe and the UK will get it on July1 and July 2 respectively.

Realtime Worlds is releasing the game in partnership with the New York-listed games giant Electronic Arts.

Gamers will be able to buy a retail version of the APB either in-store or through digital download at a price of 34.99 pounds for 50-hour of action gameplay.

Once the 50-hour time is up, gamers will be able to purchase further stints at a price of 5.59 pounds for 20-hour of gameply. Thirty-day unlimited pacakage will also be available at a price of 7.99 pounds.

The release of the long-awaited game is expected to boost revenue developer’s revenue.