Yahoo chief says Google should diversify its business

Internet search giant could face trouble if it does not diversify its business, Yahoo chief executive Carol Bartz said in an interview.

During an interview with the BBC News, Carol Bartz said that Google would have to do a lot more than just online search.

Speaking on the topic, she said, "Google is going to have a problem because Google is only known for search."

Yahoo, which has more than 200 million users in the world, competes with Google in the online search market. But, Yahoo enjoys mere 17 per cent of the US search market as compared with Google’s share of 65 per cent.

Carol Bartz said search accounts for only about half of their business, but for Google, it accounts for 99.9 per cent of business. She added that Google would have to find other things to perform.

Meanwhile, she also confirmed that Yahoo was looking to make small acquisitions, but she remained mum on question whether it would acquire ‘Foursquare’ or not.

Earlier, reports had emerged that Yahoo could purchase Foursquare, which has more than one million users and valuation of 53 million pounds.