Vodafone appears to be ready to adopt ‘360 platform’ for self-branded phonesfe

Network provider Vodafone has unveiled it’s first self-branded Android smartphone called the Vodafone 845, which according to the company will cost lower than most Android smartphones.

The Vodafone 845 could become a forerunner of things to emerge in future as the device is the first 360 smartphone to appear since the launch of the Samsung H1 and M1.

Currently, there are only four other Nokia phones which features the full set of 360. Vodafone seems to be ready to adopt the 360 platform for its own brand phones.

The Vodafone 845 has reportedly been equipped with a 2.8-inch QVGA touch-screen, a 3.2megapixel camera, storage capacity of 512MB, Bluetooth and WiFi. In addition, the upcoming device supports GSM and GPRS. It runs the latest version of Android operating system, which is commonly known as ‘Eclair’.

Vodafone is yet to declare the exact release date for the device, but the device could make its UK debut sometime in May this year.