Yahoo chief Bartz remains mum on Foursquare

Yahoo chief executive Carol Bartz has confirmed that the company is looking to make small acquisitions, but she remained mum on social network Foursquare, which has more than one million users.

Carol Bartz’s comments emerged during her first visit to the UK. She said that location-based services would be a major growth driver for the internet company.

Speaking on the topic, she said, “I won't comment on Foursquare directly, but what I'll comment on is that local information, where someone is, what's in your neighborhood, that's very interesting.”

Earlier, reports had suggested that Yahoo might acquire Foursquare, which has a valuation of £53 million.

She further said that Yahoo would work to make the site's homepage further personalized.

In the meantime, Yahoo has secured exclusive rights to publish online highlights of the English Premier League Football until the end of 2013, in a move that will help it build up it exclusive British video content.