Credit Card Numbers of Four Blippy Members in Google Cache

Google’s search result producing credit card numbers of few of the members of Blippy, a social networking site, has left everyone surprised.

The search result produced pages showing the Mastercard numbers with 127 transactions undertaken by four of the Blippy members.

As reported by New York Times, these numbers can easily be recognized by anyone.

In a blog post, Blippy’s co-founder Philip Kaplan said that although, the issue appears to be a lot scary, yet, it can be handled easily. He added that the website doesn’t publish raw data, usually, and it remains restricted to the store itself. But, this set of raw data certainly includes details of credit cards. 

He explained that, however, the details of these four people have been leaked as the site reported a problem few months back.

"Still, this was mostly harmless -- stuff like store numbers and such. And it was all removed and fixed quickly, months ago", Kaplan said.

Kaplan further shared that Google has produced a part of the raw HTML transaction data which was actually put on Blippy site, giving way to the display of these credit card numbers in the search result.

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