Demand for Windows 7 Helps Microsoft Post Healthy Numbers

The excitement generated by Windows 7 helped the company achieve an increased profit of 35%. The demand for the latest version of Windows continues to remain strong from corporate and home users. 

The continuing demand for Windows 7 is evidence of the growing economic rebound, after last year’s downturn. After the latest version of Windows was launched for retail customers on 22 October, it received a much better response than Windows Vista. The news that demand was fuelled mainly by home PC users would be especially heartening for Microsoft.    

The growing demand for Windows 7 from various quarters and from the corporate sector will also help Microsoft. According to reports, the software is already in use on more than 10% of global computers, which makes it the fastest selling software in Microsoft’s history.    

Microsoft is also betting heavily on its Bing search engine, launched last year, to catch up with Google. The company is already promoting it aggressively and hopes that it can grab more market share in the search category dominated by Google. Apart from that, Microsoft is also looking to invest heavily in cloud computing and hopes to turn this into a new engine of revenue in the coming times.     

The better than expected results of Microsoft have shown that traditional companies like Microsoft still have a lot of aces up their sleeve. In the technology market dominated by Apple, Intel and Google, the company still holds a formidable presence.