Google Nexus One could be launched as soon as tomorrow

Vodafone has updated it Nexus One page saying it could launch the much–awaited smartphone at the end of April, but the firm itself seems to be confused on the issue of Nexus One’s release date as it erased "April" from its holding page.

Moreover, the Nexus one home page in the United States is still mentioning “spring” for the launch of the Google Nexus One.

These developments indicate that the much-awaited smartphone could be delayed further.

Google has said that its Nexus One phone might get a couple of new features activated following the launch of Android 2.2. It is expected to include the Broadcom processor chip, which will present FM transmitter and support for wireless N technology. It has also been informed that the smartphone might get 802.11n WiFi upgrade.

If Google Nexus One is really set to be launched at the end of April then it could arrive as soon as tomorrow as April is nearing its end.

Moreover, further delays could hurt the marketing of the product.