E.on delays new Kingsnorth coal plant

Germany's biggest utility, E. on, has delayed plans for a new coal-fired power plant at Kingsnorth in Kent by two to three years, citing lower demand for electricity because of the recession.

Speaking on the issue, a spokesman for E. On said that the recession had "pushed back the need for a new plant in the UK to around 2016 because of the reduction in demand for electricity."

Environmentalists have also been opposing the construction of a new power-plant at Kingsnorth.

Greenpeace activists said that the recent development was good news for the environment.

E. On is yet to receive government permission for the plant, which would be Britain's first coal-fired power plant.

Earlier in August 2008, about 1,000 environment activists camped to oppose the plans for the new coal-fired power plant.

Then, in Sep. 2008, 6 demonstrators involved in the protest faced trial for criminal damage, but the court acquitted them later on.