More Test Flights Carried to Assess Volcanic Ash

The Netherlands will witness more test flights operating on Sunday basically to observe whether there was any hazards in its airspace from volcanic ash following an earlier test flight that was reported to be conducted safely.

"The KLM test flight in the Netherlands, which took place under controlled conditions, has been safe. Abroad, several test flights have also been safe", the Dutch Transport Ministry posted in a statement

Dutch airline KLM posted that it conducted a test flight on Saturday without witnessing any apparent damage. Germany's Lufthansa reportedly operated 10 planes in separate tests.

The Ministry revealed that main aim for these tests is to perform measurements in Dutch airspace on the possible results of the ash on airplane parts.

The reports reveal that volcanic ash circulating from Iceland has posed a massively disrupted the air travel service across Europe in recent days.

However, the problems exacerbated on Saturday as the cloud of ash spread southeast across the continent.

Volcanic ash poses an abrasive effect on the aircraft’s engine and can also strip off vital aerodynamic surfaces, while aircraft avionics and electronics can also be paralyzed.