Sony Ericsson Registers Profits Owing to Efforts by President of Company

It has been revealed that the President of Sony Ericsson, Bert Nordberg spent almost six months in cutting costs and paring projects to resurrect the company from losses.

His endeavors have achieved success since the company achieved a first-quarter profit of $28.4 million. This has ended the period of losses that reigned over the company for almost two years. Nordberg utilized the first six months after his appointment in helping the company recover.

Nordberg earlier piloted the Silicon Valley research and development Sony Ericsson. Even after achieving success after six months of endeavors, Nordberg is not resting.

It has been revealed that in the following months the company will release smart phones with U. S. carriers. It is also aiming at introducing a handset based on Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 software. Nordberg is also planning to collaborate with its parent company Sony TV's and computers. He revealed this Forbes during a meeting.

Nordberg remarked, "We are not big enough in the U. S. For our size in Western Europe, we should be bigger here".

The company also intends on creating non- phone devices and setting up partnership with Google for a Google designed phone, which would be available for purchase online.