Arctic Ice is Shrinking, Confirmation by Operation Ice Bridge

The University of Washington is one of the main institutions that are analyzing the condition of the Arctic, global warming and the rise in the oceans.

It is reported that NASA's operation Ice Bridge, which is taking pictures of the polar ice caps has revealed that the news about the North Pole is not very good.

It has been revealed by NASA's research that the ice caps are decreasing. It has been revealed that both the Arctic and the Antarctic sea-ice is shrinking and thinning. Laura Koenig of NASA evinces that the ice sheets have also been dropping in elevation.

Koenig an ex- grad student at the University of Washington, works as a scientist NASA, and participates in the flights over the Arctic. According to her, the ice at the Arctic should be at its maximum and thickest at present. However, it is not so.

This has been revealed by the NASA DC-8, which is equipped with lasers to measure the thickness of the ice. The flight also makes use of snow radar that is capable of measuring the depth of the snow on ice.