DigiProtect defends its move of sending threatening letters

German-based anti-piracy firm DigiProtect has defended its action of sending threatening letters to thousands of alleged illegal file-sharers.

DigiProtect partnered with British law firm ACS: Law and sent letters to alleged Internet pirates, asking them to either pay one-off fee of about £700 per violation or face legal action.

Firm’s concerned movehas been described as a method of extortion.

Which?, the British consumer magazine, said that it received several complaints from people claiming that they had been wrongly accused.

A seventy-eight-year old man has received a letter for the firm, accusing him of downloading pornography.

However, the anti-piracy firm defended its move saying it was just protecting its rights-holders.

Defending its move, DigiProtect added, “The approach we use is the only proven effective proceeding.”

Service provider O2 has also condemned the move as some of its customers too received threatening letters.