24% Rise Recorded by PC Sales in First Quarter on High Business Purchases

Companies now finally seem to have joined customers in purchasing of PCs, helping drive sales up by over 24% during the year's first quarter, as has been shared by a market research firm.

Sales of desktops and laptops managed to exceed all expectations during the quarter, with the number of shipments hitting 7.91 million units, compared to the 63.7 million units shipped during the same quarter last year, IDC shared in its quarterly PC market report which was released on Wednesday.

The amazing 24.2% rise is being seen as a sign that businesses shaken up by last year's economic recession have now started to come back to the market.

"The strong first quarter builds on the fourth quarter rebound and shows rising confidence in the PC supply chain and commercial client base along with persistent demand from consumers. The commercial gains are a cornerstone of market rebound that we've been expecting and are now seeing in the data", said IDC Analyst Loren Loverde.

IDC, however, has been quick to stress that the growth in PC sales during the rest of the year would not be as strong as the first quarter and the markets and PC manufacturers should be prepared for the same.