3 UK may launch iPhone soon

3 UK may launch iPhone soon as ITProPortal has reported that one of its visitors told it that he was provided with a 16GB iPhone 3GS by 3 UK for keeping his custom.

The concerned person, whose name was not disclosed, was reportedly offered an iPhone after he threatened to ditch the network.

There is a possibility that the person was a part of a test program for the iPhone roll out, which is expected soon.

The unnamed person was offered 700 minutes plus unlimited Internet at a cost of £25 per month.

3 UK’s possible entry into the iPhone market may affect the cost of iPhones further.

Meanwhile, Tesco Mobile’s recent decision to offer iPhones at lower tariffs and shorter contracts could prompt price war in the market.

It is now offering the 8GB 3G iPhone for just £100, while the 16GB 3GS mobile costs £200. However, customers will have to pay additional £75 to get the 32GB 3GS handset.

All the deals are available on a 12-month contract at a cost of £35 per month. In addition, Tesco Mobile slashed the cost of its 2-year unlimited iPhone deal from £60 to £45 per month.