Patel Trial Delayed Till Monday Owing to Ill Health of Juror

A delay in the Brisbane trial of former Bundaberg-based surgeon Dr. Jayant Patel has been reported. The trial has been adjourned till next week owing to ill health of the juror.

Patel, 60, has pleaded his innocence. He has declared that he is not guilty of unlawfully killing three patients and causing grievous bodily harm to a fourth man.

According to reports, after the Supreme Court trial resumed its session on Wednesday morning, the jury was informed about the absence of one of the jurors owing to his illness.

The jurors were told by Justice John Byrne that their services would not be required till Monday. He also said that a doctor would be available to give advice about the juror's illness.

It is reported that this is the fourth time that a matter related to the jury has affected the trial.

A juror was substituted on the first day of trail after he confessed he had formed opinions about the trial.

Another juror was discharged six days after the commencement of the trial owing to her admission of being employed in a temporary contract with Queensland Health.