Crysis 2 writer slams Halo and MW 2

Richard Morgan, who has been appointed by game-developer Crytek write the storyline for its upcoming shooter Crysis 2, said he did not like the Halo series at all. But, he added that Halo was not actually bad, it was only average.

He was disappointed with the typical characters and their dialogues in the game. He cited a character saying “Okay... I'm gonna get up there and kill those guys.” and added, "Halo is full of these bullshit archetypical characters and there's no real emotional effect.”

He also slammed Modern Warfare 2, showing disapproval for its plot.

Acclaimed science fiction author Morgan is well known for his works such as Altered Carbon and Broken Angels.

Upcoming Crysis 2 is a one man mission that aims at saving the world from aliens who have attacked New York.