U.S. Ambassador Admonishes Australia Over Plans of Internet Filtering

The Australian Government has been admonished by the American Ambassador Jeff Bleich, over plans of filtering the Internet.

The politicians in Australia state that they want to safeguard children from the hazard of the worldwide web. It thereby is contemplating filtering out content that is potentially harmful for children.

To this proposed list of banned websites the Government has also added websites that host topics that the Aussie Government does not want its citizens to think about.

Bleich declared that it is important for the internet to be free. He stated that filtering web content is not the best way of dealing with child pornography.

He evinced that instead; people who use the internet for criminal purposes should be tracked and then put behind bars. He stated that this a better option compared to filtering since the latter makes everyone suffer because of the criminal activities of a chosen few.

Bleich remarked, "The Internet needs to be free.”We have been able to accomplish the goals that Australia has described which is to capture and prosecute child pornographers ... without having to use Internet filters”.