Man blames Google Street View for garage burglary

Google Street View service has come under fire again after a British milkman and former football manager said burglars targeted his garage after spotting expensive things on the Google Maps Street View website.

Google Maps Street View service, which has recently been extended to cover almost all the country, provides users with 360-degree images of streets and roads.

Fifty-four-year old Gordon Rayner said burglars broke into his garage on March 12th and fled away with a £350 bicycle. He claimed that burglars again made two unsuccessful attempts on Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. Rayner described Street View as an invasion of privacy and added that he could launch a legal action against Google.

Speaking on the topic, Mr. Rayner said, “People need to be aware of this: it's a serious invasion of privacy.”

A spokesman for Google said that anyone could capture images by traveling down the roads.

Earlier Google had agreed to erase or blur images of people and buildings on request.