UK Labour Party Promises Value -for-Money in Next Term

The Labour party is all set to contest in the upcoming General Elections. In its manifesto, the party is likely to carry its commitment of providing better value for public money but it may lack in the mention of exact big spending commitments, in view of the tough economic condition in UK.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is looking forward to fulfill the commitments in its fourth consecutive term, in order to tame the economic recovery.

Prior to the launch of its manifesto on Monday, the Labour party proclaimed that its proposals would be "ambitious but affordable".

One of the major commitments of the party is to bring support for the first-time homebuyers which will include a new initiative for the low income families to meet their desires of buying homes. However, the party has been lagging behind the Tories' proposals on evasion of taxes on national insurance and marriages, which have been dominant in the rhetoric, so far.

“The manifesto will set out a determination for every penny to be used wisely", said Mr. Brown.

The manifesto will be exposed in the West Midlands tomorrow and will come with a promise of a value-for-money Government.