Obama Urges Citizens to Take Advantage Of Tax Benefits

As the Tax Day is approaching, President Barack Obama is advising Americans to benefit from the tax credits that are being offered to citizens including first-time homebuyers and college students. This promotion of tax benefits was done by Obama by the help of his weekly radio and Internet address Saturday.

It was urged by the President that people should take advantage of tax benefits that come from last year's stimulus bill as the advantages can make people save “hundreds or even thousands of dollars”. It was also informed that the benefits were made available to around 100 million Americans.

Obama elaborated that the benefits can even be earned by people who file before the April 15 deadline, as there is an option that their returns can be altered.

He further stated that the tax benefits intend to lend a hand to middle-class families, to help the economy recover and to bring alive and within reach of millions of Americans the “fundamentals of the American dream” that insist on making an honest living, along with earning education, having one’s own home and being able to raise family.

The tax cuts offered by Bush are being planned to be extended, excluding the singles earning more than $200,000 per year and couples earning $250,000 annually.