Kosciusko Realtors Countywide Open House all Set to Happen Over the Weekend

If you are looking for a home to purchase, this weekend has come as a good opportunity to step out and get your hands on the perfect house.

The Kosciusko Realtors Countywide Open House is all set to happen over the weekend.

Over Saturday and Sunday at different times, there are as many as 57 open houses. In addition, the Kosciusko Board of Realtors is giving away as many as 3 $100 gas cards to visitors to visit the open houses. Visitors can choose to register at any of the open hose locations, which would all be marked with blue balloons.

The event which is to take place in Kosciusko County over the weekend is a part of a larger countrywide initiative, and marks April as the National Fair Housing Month.

The Realtor Nationwide Open House weekend is offering potential buyers all across the nation with an opportunity to view houses in specific neighbourhoods as the season of home-buying officially starts.

"This is a wonderful way to kick off the home-buying season", said Tyrone Adams, Chairman of the Nationwide Open House Committee.