Apple iPad Design Prone to Accidents More Damaging than Thought, Says Rapid Repair

Apple iPad users are being advised to be careful as according to Rapid Repair, it has been found that the design of Apple iPad including its weight, usage and size it is more prone to accidents.

Rapid Repair is an online publisher of information regarding the electronic devices that it repairs. Is has been predicted that the Apple engineers must have used data from iPod Touch and iPhone development with an intention of bettering its design. It has also been found that the bigger screen of iPad offers a larger target for accidental collisions that in turn create falls.

It has been claimed by Apple that since its release on April 3 till April 8, around 450,000 iPads have been purchased by users including 3.5 million apps and 600,000 iBooks downloaded.

Rapid Repair also revealed that however skillful Apple may be at presentation of multimedia content and e-texts, it is risky dealing with the gravity and sudden blows issues.

This information was disclosed in an email that was written to eWEEK by the Co-founder and Service Manager of Rapid Repair, Aaron Vronko. The email stated that the usage of the device raises the risk of rate of accidents that can prove “more damaging than what we are used to". Vronko also said that delicate parts of the iPad are less no less long-lasting and that this matter will be a serious one for Apple.