One Number Would Help in Reporting Cases Relating to Child Abuse

Reporting child abuse or maltreatment in Delaware Province has just become a little easier.

The province on Monday will unite with numerous other Indiana counties in a phased rollout of the latest Indiana Department of Child Services Child Abuse Hotline.

The hotline will add greatly to the essential constancy in reporting circumstances that frequently entail the life or death of a kid.

Indiana at present has no less than 300 phone numbers to make a call in order to report mistreatment, and every province has its individual system for taking the information.

From now, there will be one number and particularly capable personnel will also be there to take care of intake calls only.

Officials confess that it's not all the time simple for busy caseworkers to be as careful as they must be.

Once calls arrive through the hotline, the information will be forwarded to neighbouring offices for proceedings, Jackie Fisher, Delaware County director of Indiana Department of Child Services said.

Caseworkers will have additional time to dedicate to kids and families which are in need of the services because they won't have to split their time between intake calls and proceedings.