Experts Urge UK Citizens to be Cautious Of Hay Fever

An expert quoted that approximately half of the population in Britain would contract hay fever by the year 2030 and in term of numbers, it could amount to 32 million people.

The hay fever will become more intense among the population because of the growing number of immigrants to the city, an estimate has been done related to the people shifting to the city and the number comes out to be nine million.

Major cities like London and Birmingham have experienced a 45% rise in the percentage of people suffering from prickly eyes, running nose and sneezing and the smaller percentage rise could be seen in the other coastal towns. The major factor that has resulted in to the symptoms is the air pollution in the urban areas.

The experts have advised people to be act cautiously because the fever also lays economic implications because of the money spent on the medicines and the time off taken by the people to visit the doctor.

Professor Jean Emberlin, the lead author of the report said, “Hay fever is the type of thing that people don't take seriously until they suffer with it”.