Bionic Vision Australia unveils prototype ‘bionic eye’

Bionic Vision Australia has developed a prototype bionic eye designed to restore sight to people with failing vision.

Researchers at the BVA said the prototype was designed people suffering degenerative vision loss caused by some genetic or age-related conditions.

The device consists of a tiny camera mounted on a pair of glasses that captures images and send them to a processor which the wearer keeps in his/her pocket.

The processor then transmits the signals wirelessly to the unit implanted in the eye which in turn simulate neurons in the retina, signaling an image to the brain.

Speaking on the topic, research director Anthony Burkitt, who unveiled the prototype, added, “It will enable patients to be able to navigate in their environment and be able to avoid obstacles."

It may be noted here that a few months back the BVA had bagged a grant of $42 million from the Federal Government to develop the prototype.