FCC to review wireless industry

The Federal Communications Commission said on Thursday that it would review the practices of the wireless industry and for the same; the commission has sought comments from the public over the Internet services being provided to the customers.

The FCC has issued a notice on www. fcc. gov, commission's website.

The FCC has been drafting a national broadband plan, which will be tabled before the Congress in February.

V. P. of regulatory affairs for CTIA, Christopher Gutman-McCabe, said, "We're excited and we look forward to responding to the commission's round of inquiries."

Actually, the competitive nature of the US wireless industry is under scrutiny as govt. wants to promote innovation as well as investment.

Julius Genachowski, chairman of the commission has been probing another case of Apple's rejection of Google's voice app for its iPhone.

AT&T Inc has been enjoying exclusive rights for providing network to the iPhone in US.

The main purpose of the examination is to know if better services can be provided at more reasonable prices.