Russian Soyuz TMA-18 with blasts off to ISS

Russian Soyuz TMA-18 spacecraft with two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut blasts off on scheduled time from Kazakhstan on Friday.

The Soyuz TMA-18, which launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome without any snags, is on re-staffing and re-supplying mission to the International Space Station.

The crew, which is comprised of American astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson and Russians Alexander Skvortsov and Mikhail Kornienko, will spend six months in the ISS orbiting the Earth.

It may be noted here that Russia is now the only country sending crews into space. Speaking on the topic,

Commenting on the topic, Anatoly Perminov, of Russia's space agency, “They say we will be like a taxi service to the ISS but it's a vital role.”

Russia launched the Soyuz TMA-18 amid tightened security after suffering two suicide-bomb attacks on the Moscow Metro.