Amendments Made in Digital Economy Bill

The Government has revised the Digital Economy Bill which earlier permitted politicians to block websites that display pirated copyright content.

The Digital Economy Bill has been at the heart of controversy for quite some time since it allowed ministers to bar websites that exhibited pirated copyright content.

This shift is supported by both Conservative and Labour parties. This widespread support implies that there is a high probability that the Bill will be turned into a law during the wash up process which takes place between an election being called and Parliament being dissolved.

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) has altered the Clause 18 of the Digital Economy Bill. This aboriginal clause permitted the jamming of websites which displayed a considerable quantity of copyrighted material without a court order.

However, after immense opposition by quite a few major web companies and ISPs, BIS has introduced changes that ensure that legal processes are followed.

Lord Mandelson remarked, "Concerns have been raised by both industry and consumers of the risk that the original clause could lead to ISPs blocking access to websites without a court order, so as to avoid the costs of a court process".