Terror Strikes Moscow

Terror struck Moscow on Monday, when several people were killed in the two blasts that hit two central metro stations in the Russian capital.

Moscow's chief prosecutor told reporters that the investigators suspect that the blasts were carried out by suicide bombers who wore explosives-laden belts at the targeted metro stations.

“An inquiry has been opened according to article 205 of the Russian criminal code – terrorism”, said Vladimir Markin, spokesman for the Prosecutors Committee.

The second blast took the lives of 12 people and injured 7 people in the metro station in Moscow. According to the emergency services and law enforcement officials, it exploded soon after the first explosion, which took off at another central station.

According to a source in the law enforcement, the explosion blew up in the Park Kulturi metro station, situated in Central Moscow.

Earlier on Monday, about 25 people were killed in the first blast, which took off on a train at the Central Moscow’s Lubyanka station.

Moscow has the second busiest metro system in the world.