British woman Surprises Doctors After confirming Pregnancy Tests at 30!

A woman in the UK is thanking her stars after miraculous incident of her getting pregnant following a premature menopause at an age of 21. Cassie Chapple, from Woking, Surrey, discovered she was already expecting just as test results confirmed her likeliness of becoming a mother again even with IVF were almost zero.

She actually stunned doctors by getting pregnant as three consultants had previously told her that her chances of becoming pregnant are almost negligible.

"My choice to have more children had been ripped out of me," the News of the World quoted her as posting.

The delighted mum-to-be, now 30 is due to give birth on her birthday, July 12. Last night she expressed her excitement by saying, "I'm so lucky. Miracles do happen."

Cassie's problems initiated following her previous pregnancy in which she gave birth to a baby boy, Blake, now ten. She explained: "My menstrual cycle was erratic but I put it down to hormones."

Although her routine tests were extremely normal, yet in 2005 she was astonished when a consultant told her she'd had an early menopause.