Government Led Boiler Scrappage Scheme Achieves Marked Target

Under the Government's boiler scrappage scheme, residents are encouraged to replace their old boiler units with energy efficient A rated boiler units. The residents are provided vouchers that cover the cost of substituting their old units.

The Government has achieved success and has managed to attain its set goal of 125,000 households. It is important to note that this has been achieved in almost half of the time that had been slated for the change.

The result of this achievement is that the scheme which was initiated in January has now been closed to new applicants.

The scheme provided £400 to interested buyers and gained immense popularity among energy and cost-conscious residents.

The scheme has proved successful in helping the public lower their expenditure on fuel.

It is notable that an A-rated, energy-efficient boiler will enable you to save £200 yearly.

Lord Hunt, the Energy minister, evinces, "The scheme has also provided a much-needed boost to England's plumbers and boiler manufacturers, helping to sustain work for the 130,000 installers and up to 25 UK- based boiler makers throughout the economic recovery".