UK Government’s plans to expand Heathrow Airport get setback

The UK government's plans to construct a third runway at London Heathrow Airport got a setback after the High Court ordered the Government to reconsider its plans.

In his ruling, Lord Justice Carnwath stated that it would be untenable to follow the official plants to expand the Heathrow Airport without review as it was made seven years ago.

Green groups and other opponents of the plans hailed the ruling as a victory, saying the policy was now in tatters.

Speaking on the topic, Labour MP John McDonnell said, “The judgment is a victory. It means that the game is up for a third runway.”

Green groups, including Greenpeace, have been opposing the expansion of the Heathrow Airport, arguing it would breach UK’s legally-binding climate change targets.

On the other hand, Gordon Brown has been that the third runway was necessary for the UK and it would not compromise country’s green targets.