Researchers find new way to reduce post-traumatic stress

Playing computer games such as Tetris can help patients recovering from traumatic events, a fresh study claimed.

According to a research conducted at Oxford University's institute of Psychiatry, computer games such as Tetris can reduce the impact of horrid and negative thoughts, which can help in preventing significant traumas from causing psychological damages.

Research was conducted over forty healthy volunteers. After waiting for half an hour, 20 volunteers were asked to play Tetris for around 10 minutes while the rest were asked to remain free.

Researchers discovered that those who had played Tetris experienced fewer flashbacks over the next week as compared with those who did nothing.

It takes around 6 hours after a traumatic event for a memory to be fully formed and disrupting the formation of those negative thoughts could help the patients.

Speaking on the topic, Dr Emily Holmes said, “Disrupting those functions by diverting the brain's attention in this crucial six-hour window seems to dampen down the vividness of memory.”

The finding of the study will help in finding new ways of treatment for traumatic patients.